1. Went to the Riviera boat factory down at the Gold Coast today, what an unreal place.

  2. Life recently.

  3. Last few days.

  4. Last few weeks.

  5. Dust Hustle

  6. One of the guys from Bombardier came and gave a talk today and it was excellent, he gave us a brief run down of what’s involved in the process from tender application to final delivery.

  7. Pulled chicken isn’t as good as pulled pork but it was a nice change.
    Note for next time: heaps of sauce.

  8. Dinner the last few nights has been unreal.

  9. Haven’t been up to much recently, a few things here and there and a heap of uni garbage. Here’s a photo dump.

  10. Jae went pretty mental on the snack game this afternoon, all about it but.